What Should You Do Before Wearing Crystal Jewelry

"Crystal material for intelligent beings, so when you wear before use, be sure to do the clean crystal degaussing work, which is unique because the crystal's ability to absorb the message and emotion; if you bought a piece by a very negative energy in contact with people of high or exploitation of the crystal, negative energy is the input record; or as part of internal memory, it is easy to imagine the negative thoughts you hold a piece of a crystal meditation or worn on the body what consequences? Naturally affected the mood up and down! So when the first crystal to wear! Be sure to zero the internal message; then develop truly crystals for themselves! Degaussing here are a few simple cleaning methods: one, Take the crystal under the tap water or rinse water filter about three or four minutes (no open water, too! Otherwise quite waste of water, as long as the water can flow), rinse and wipe dry!"
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