Modern Pearl Jewellery - Using the New Types of Pearls

"It can be very confusing today to see lots of different types of pearls in different designs of pearl jewelery, both traditional and modern, and it can be a minefield to discriminate between the various types of pearls with the new colors and shapes of freshwater pearls available today. What benefits do freshwater pearls have in modern jewelery designs?
Only a few years ago virtually the only substantial choice was the saltwater pearl and these came in white, or pale golden color, or silvery grey/black of a Tahitian, and invariably a round shape, which is the shape that the vast majority of people think of when they think of pearls.  The shapes of these pearls were either round or an uneven form called baroque.
There are two main reasons why the choice of pearl jewelery in the market today is so much more interesting and unusual than it has ever been before.
One reason is color, both natural and dyed. Within the last couple of decades, the Chinese started producing freshwater pearls from a new large species of mollusc. This is a complete change from the original smaller freshwater mollusc which used to produce the little uneven seed type of pearls in a neutral creamy white color."
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