Jewelry Boxes

I started the New Year 2012 with this topic, cause I started to think more and more about buying a Jewelry Box. My Jewelry are so many and I have a drawer full of them. I keep them in satin bags or small wooden boxes. But this method looks too simple and browsing on Amazon I found this amazing huge box, on many levels and lots of stocking space. I got very excited and I share it with you:))
Jewelry boxes come in many styles, according to everyone`s personality, taste and desire. They are made from different materials: leather, wood or glass.
The Jewelry are safe inside a box like this and you can prologue their life.
They are very practical for traveling also.

Being my first post on 2012, I want to wish everyone the best of time, the best of luck and the best of life in the new year!!! Happy New Year people!!! And Happy New Year for the Chinese Year also!!!

I,m sending you the warmest HUGS of the season!