Jewelry and Clothes

I was thinking a lot if I should write about this, cause everyone has his own style of fashion but, finally, I decided to make a post about how I see the combination between Jewelry and Clothes in my own perspective.

So, here are some advices and tricks:
- The most important thing and the one we should always keep in mind is the fabric of the clothes. For instance if your blouse is from wool, you can,t wear heavy jewelry cause they will be stuck in it. For a sporty outfit like jeans and a t-shirt it would  be great some bigger jewelry, and why not wood ones:) Don,t wear wood jewelry if you have printing clothes. If you have floral printing on your clothes, then you have to chose discreet jewelry. Ethnic and vintage clothes go very well with jewelry from the same family.
- If you are a little overweight don,t overdo with the jewelry. Avoid big stones, thick necklaces and any geometrical jewelry. If you are not so tall, wear long necklaces with pendant around your chest to make you look taller.
-Long necklaces go with simple and classic outfits and also with cotton clothes. The necklaces around the neck go with a round low-cut neck blouses or corsages and small earrings.
- The bracelets for ankles go better with flat shoes. If you wear a tight blouse, chose only one thick bracelet to make your arms look thinner. For a sporty outfit, wear many bracelets together, it is very fashionable this year. I recommend bracelets from fabric, like Friendship bracelets.
- Long Earrings go with low-cut neck blouses in V to make your silhouette thinner. It is your option if you want your hair up or down do. If you wear more elaborated earrings, renounce to necklace.
- Don,t wear too many rings mostly if you have clothes in many colors. My own preference is to wear only one ring and, of course, my wedding ring, but I wear them always on opposite hands. If you wear a darker outfit, chose a ring with colorful stones. For elegant outfits, it,s preferable to wear a more discreet ring. For sporty outfits, chose big rings. My personal preference is my ring color to match with the polish color of my nails:)
- If your hair is brown with dark skin and the eyes are blue, green or brown, wear golden jewelry. Also wear warm colors like brown, golden, orange or pastel colors like green, pink and blue. Forget about black, white and bordeaux. For blonds with light skin and blue or green eyes, silver jewelry fit them perfectly. The best colors for blonds are red, turquoise, yellow. Avoid orange. The Brunettes with both dark and open skin and blue, green or brown eyes should wear silver jewelry. Brunettes are allowed to wear more colors, like red, blue, fuchsia pink, black and white.

And some tips for brides:
- Accordingly to the dress you chose to wear, you accessorize yourself after. If your dress is with many stones or strass or crystals then I don,t see the point for wearing a necklace. If your dress is more simple, a thin, elegant necklace is welcome. I know that the preference for weddings is to wear pearl jewelry, I personally don,t like them for this occasion.
- You have to decide if the bracelet is really needed or not for your outfit. If the dress is with long sleeves, you have to renounce to the bracelet. If the dress is short sleeves or no sleeves at all, an elegant bracelet will bring more good taste to your outfit.
- Accordingly to your hair styling you must chose the fitted earrings. If you have long neck and the corsage permits it, then a pair of chandelier earrings is welcome. Try to assort the earrings with the necklace.

My opinion is that it should exist a balance in all the outfit, not too much, not too less, although many times less means better, mostly for elegant cocktail outfits.
Here are some general advices, but everyone should be the creator of his own style, everyone is unique.
''To give style'' to one's character - a great and rare art! He exercises it who surveys all that his nature presents in strength and weakness and then moulds it to an artistic plan until everything appears as art and reason, and even the weaknesses delight the eye." (Friedrich Nietzsche)
"Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess." (Edna W. Chase)
"Fashions fade, but style is eternal." (Yves Saint-Laurent)



  1. These are helpful tips. Not everyone knows how to wear proper jewelry based on outfit. Good thing some tips are worth like this.

  2. Thank you but like I said there are some general criteria, everyone is free to chose, experiment and make his own style:))