Jewelry for men

Jewelry are most of the time associated to women. However, it is also becoming common for men to wear fashionable jewelry. Jewelry was often worn by kings throughout the century as a symbol of power, royalty and prestige. The jewelry that men wore reflects their personality and style.
Giving jewelry for a man on his special day can be a wonderful idea.
So now let`s see what kind of fashion accessories should men wear in order to look stylish  without being over decorated; rings, bracelets and necklaces are also available in masculine range these days. The days when the only jewelry a man could wear was his wedding ring are gone:)
These days there is nothing feminine about rings and a lot of men can be seen wearing them. Bracelets for men are different than generally worn by females. Men prefer to wear bracelets meaningful engravings. Men necklace is another piece of jewelry which almost 50% of men can be seen wearing.
It is approaching the Father,s Day (on June 20th) and it,s the best occasion to show our respect and love to the man of our life, no matter if it is our father (unfortunately my one was taken before time but I know he is ok up there)  or the father of our kid.
I discovered on Amazon some great jewelry gifts for men which I recommend up to 60% OFF. I really love them!!!
Because I live in Athens Greece, it,s normal to prefer the ones which are engraved in Greek but for sure it,s a huge range from where to chose of.
I will post some of my favs.
Jewelry can be a girl,s best friend but it does not mean that men can,t enjoy them also!!!