"Cherry on Top" Award, "The Adorable Blog" Award and "The Versatile Blogger" Award                                                         received from Special Koko.
                                                          Thank you very much!!!!!

                                                                 What I have to do???

                              1. To thank to the person/s who give it to me ( already done this).
                              2. To say 7 things about me.
                              3. To offer this Award to another 15 blogs recently discovered.

Ok 7 things about me:))

1. All my life I was attracted by the Beauty field. I love everything which is related to Fashion & Beauty.
2. For my Jewelry making hobby I love to combine metals, beads and fibers. I find it very chic and original.
3. I love the Summer, cause in the middle of it I was also born and in the place I live I have a lot of it:))
4. My fav music is House/Trance, clubbing music but sometimes I,m in the mood for something more slow also like Enigma, Enya etc. I love the Greek music also, my favorite singer is Mixalis Xatzigiannis.
5. My fav Holiday is Christmas and I can say I love being winter with snow only around this time, no more:))
6. My fav serials/ Tv Shows/Movies and Actors/Actresses: Two and a Half Men, Disperate Housewives, Prison Break, Amazing Race, Only you, Sleepless in Seattle, Sweet November, You,ve got Mail, An Affair to Remember, Dirty Dancing, Zeitgeist. My fav actors/actresses: Keannu Reeves, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Sheen (in his better times:)), Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Michelle Pfeiffer, Marisa Tomei.
7. My favorite ice cream flavor is Caramel:))

PS: If you would like to know more about me, just send me and email with your question/s and I will answer publicly on my blog!!!

                                         And now the 15 blogs where I send this Award:

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                                                    14. Florentina Banica
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               PS: The order is randomly.