Zodiac Jewelry

"Throughout history mankind has associated gemstones with particular signs of the zodiac. The vibrations of different type of crystals are believed to be of particular benefit for people born under the different star signs. Wearing the stone of your sign will focus the energies of the sign through the gem, enabling their expression in your daily life – promoting health, wealth and inner beauty. Match the stone wisely with the radiance of your horoscope; only then can you experience prosperity, happiness, growth and other benefits.

Aquarius Zodiac sign spacer Garnet
Aquarius: Garnet
The zodiac stone for Aquarius, this magnificently deep red gemstone’s illuminating power is said to have guided Noah’s Arc through the dark of night and protect wearers from evil.
Pisces Zodiac sign spacer Amethyst
Pieces : Amethyst
The zodiac stone for Pieces, with its deep rich purple, has been a favorite of royalty throughout the ages. It was used by the ancient Greeks to prevent intoxication and in Tibet it is considered to be sacred to Buddha.
Aries Zodiac sign spacer Bloodstone
Aries: Bloodstone
The zodiac stone for Aries, bloodstone’s bright red spots were believed by many Christians to be drops of Christ's blood that fell on green jasper at the foot of the cross.
Taurus Zodiac sign spacer Sapphire
Taurus: Sapphire
The zodiac stone for Taurus, the regal blue sapphire is associated with peace, healing, and the release of psychic powers.
Gemini Zodiac sign spacer Agate
Gemini: Agate
The zodiac stone for Gemini, the lustrous agate was believed provide its wearers with the power to become invisible. It promotes strength, healing and bravery.
Cancer Zodiac sign spacer Emerald
Cancer: Emerald
The zodiac stone for Cancer, emerald’s “green fire” was regarded by the Aztecs and the Incas as a holy gemstone. To the Indians, it enhanced well-being and luck.
Leo Zodiac sign spacer Onyx
Leo: Onyx
The zodiac stone for Leo, black onyx symbolizes life’s eternal mysteries. Wearing onyx is said to protect the emotions and keep one grounded."

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