Learn about Crystals

 "Crystals are rock-solid objects made of matter wherein particles form a pattern that creates its overall shape. Crystals emit a polished look, making it look glossy and glittering.  You can see crystals not just on minerals but also in salt and sugar! If you have seen a block of sugar you should look closely to see crystallized patterns within the sugar. Crystals can be lovely in color, and have the glimmer or shine throughout it. This is why most jewelry or gemstones like diamonds and rubies are set in crystal, because it attracts most people to its allure.
Certain crystals are highly priced in the market because of its actual value (if it’s a mineral or precious stone). The value goes up when the object is cut and designed beautifully to achieve the perfect shine regardless of the angle. Everybody can appreciate crystals whether it’s on jewelry, as salt or sugar crystals, and even molten lava rock that has been formed through a volcanic eruption.

How are crystals formed?

Crystals are formed depending on the water level, heat level or temperature and air. The creation of crystals also depends on the substances that exist within the matter. These include the chemicals available within the matter where the crystal is formed. Crystals from metals and precious stones may have been buried for thousands of years before being discovered, thus the price. Natural erosion of soil and rock sometimes contribute to crystallization of metals such as silver and copper. The patterns are formed when particles within matter continue to create a certain contour until the entire object has this pattern."

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