How to take care for your Jewelry

Handmade jewelry are unique in the world and of important significance. Therefore, it is primary to take good care of a piece of handmade jewelry. Here are some essential tips for handmade jewelry care.
Avoid chemical damages on your handmade jewelry.
Stay away from detergents. The everyday detergents are corrosive. When you do the laundry, wash hands or take a shower, take off your handmade jewelry. In this way, you can succeed in reducing the possibility of damaging your handmade bracelets and rings. Stay away from hairspray. Hairspray usually has a strong causticity. Pay attention to the distance between your ear and hair.
Reduce the contact with hands. There may be oils, sweat and other impurities on your hands. Metal jewelry is easy to discolor after contacting those matters. Just touch the surface of jewelry as little as possible.
Build enclosed space. Store your handmade jewelry in a tarnish-free cloth or in an airtight plastic bag to avoid tarnishing.
Avoid physical damages on your handmade jewelry.
handmade jewelry is tender and ductile, so whenever you touch the handmade jewelry, be careful not to scratch, bend or damage it. Never to do sports and exercise with the handmade jewelry in case of some emergency situation.
In the mass, it is of big importance for a handmade jewelry wearer to learn these care tips to make the items maintain their luster and physical condition.